The New Jersey Tourism Industry Association represents thousands of businesses and community leaders that make a difference in our state. The New Jersey Tourism Industry Association would like to recognize the accomplishments of those who achieved true excellence in providing an exceptional experience that enhances tourism across New Jersey.

Entries in the following categories will be considered:


New ideas encourage the evolution of the tourism industry. What unique approach or innovation have you implemented to enhance the visitor experience and differentiate yourself from competitors? How have you embraced technological advancements to improve customer engagement, operational efficiency, and/or overall performance? In what ways have you created new experiences or offerings for visitors? Have any innovative solutions been implemented to address these challenges?


Marketing in the travel and tourism industry is instrumental in building connections with potential visitors. What marketing strategies have you used to effectively target and reach your desired audience, and what metrics have you used to measure success? In what ways have you leveraged social media and other digital marketing channels to create brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase sales? How have you used data and analytics to inform marketing decisions and optimize campaign performance? What unique and creative marketing campaigns or promotions have you executed to generate buzz and attract visitors? How have these campaigns helped to increase tourism?


Partnerships are of utmost importance to the continued strength of the New Jersey tourism industry. What partnerships have you formed with other local businesses, organizations, or stakeholders to drive tourism to the area? How have these partnerships benefited both your business and the local community? In what ways have you formed partnerships with other businesses or organizations outside of the tourism industry to create unique experiences or offerings for visitors? How have these collaborations helped to promote your destination and/or New Jersey?

Public Relations:

Media exposure outside of purchased advertisements is an essential part of effective marketing plans. How has the nominee utilized a public relations campaign to maximize its public exposure? What was the reach of this PR campaign and the comparable advertising value?


An out-of-state, independent panel with expertise in tourism will complete the judging of applications.


Projects, events, programs, partnerships, promotional initiatives, outreach, or attractions by any person, business, or organization, be it public or private, profit or non-profit who works toward the common goal of improving the New Jersey tourism product, increasing over-night stays, and attracting out-of-state visitors and increasing mid-week stays, increasing tourism expenditures, and positively promoting locations within New Jersey as a destination will be accepted. The nominated program must have been initiated, established, improved upon, and/or completed between September 20, 2023 – September 20, 2024. Deadline for nomination is October 4, 2024. Organizations are only eligible to win once every three years per category.

Winners will be honored at the
2024 New Jersey Conference on Tourism Luncheon
December 11, 2024, at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

Winners will be notified prior to the conference

Award winners will receive:

  • A Tourism Award acknowledging recognition presented at the Celebration of Tourism luncheon.
  • NJ Tourism Conference logo stating “Winner of a New Jersey Tourism Excellence Award” for use throughout your advertising collateral, brochures, and websites, etc.
  • Inclusion in a press release created by NJTIA announcing award winners.
  • Recognition on website and social media
  • One complimentary lunch ticket will be given to each winner to attend the Awards Ceremony.

To apply for NJTIA New Jersey Tourism Excellence Awards:

Fill out the nomination form online at clicking here and include the following documentation:

  1. Submit a PDF not to exceed four pages, containing the following:
    1. Complete Contact Information
    2. Profile of the nominee: Including a brief overview of the business/organization and mission statement (if applicable).
    3. Reason for Nomination: As it relates to the award consideration you seek, provide information including measurable statistics and appropriate documentation. Utilize the questions presented in each category to help shape your response.
    4. Other information relevant to the project. Include any additional information that would be important for the judges to know in relation to the application.
  2. Support materials (Including but not limited to campaign images, press releases, brochures, print advertisements, photos, audio or video)
  3. Attach logo