Mission Statement

Established in 1984, the New Jersey Tourism Industry Association (NJTIA) is comprised of associations, businesses, industries, resorts, attractions, destination marketing organizations, transportation companies, cultural arts and historic organizations and advocates public policies that encourage the growth and development of New Jersey’s travel and tourism industry.

Motivated by our commitment to tourism’s capacity to foster economic development, generate revenues and create jobs, NJTIA is the leading voice for promoting the knowledge and understanding that travel and tourism is essential to the economy, the image and the quality of life of New Jersey.

For years the NJTIA and the industry lobbied the Governor and Legislature for its annual appropriation for tourism funding. In 2003 the industry, in concert with the Arts, History and Cultural communities worked cooperatively with the state to create a stable, recurring, NEW revenue source for these efforts by enacting the Hotel Occupancy Tax.

It is the belief of NJTIA that the following reinvestment strategy will allow the industry to compete with local, regional and national competitors and will yield tangible, measurable financial benefits. Unlike many other budget items, this strategy is good business with a solid return on investment.

Encourage the legislature to fully fund the programs dedicated through the Hotel Occupancy tax to FY2005 levels
Encourage the legislature to invest an additional $8 million in funding local, professionally staffed, Destination Marketing Organizations to partner with the State in marketing NJ as a destination.
Encourage, through incentives, municipalities to dedicate a portion of their Hotel and Occupancy tax Revenue to local marketing organizations